I have had a number of conversations lately with business owners and professionals who do not see the value in investing in social media. To me, this is amazingly short-sighted. All of the social media channels that you know and use on a regular basis is where the conversations are happening… about your business, your service quality, and maybe even you personally. The conversations are happening. You can choose to allow others to define your company’s brand or you can engage in the conversation helping to shape the message and agenda. You can evangelize everything that’s going well and respond to any criticism that comes up. In fact, social media has allowed for an invaluable immediate feedback loop that hasn’t existed until today.

I came across a great article that describes the 10 reasons every business should engage in social media. It does a really good job at detailing the major value propositions really well.

In short, the 10 reasons follow (from the article):

"1. You demonstrate to potential customers that you are human and care about their world.

2. You bring to life an externally focused mindset.

3. Social media allows you to bring to life your otherwise static brochure-like website with a dynamic presence.

4. You address in a public forum the questions and concerns your customers have about your products and services—which are being asked anyway without your participation.

5. You participate in the conversations taking place that relate to your business, products, industry … and have the opportunity to shape the agenda.

6. You manage your reputation.

7. You build a customer community

8. You direct prequalified prospects—with whom you’ve already established a relationship—to your website, so you can engage in business.

9. You build your digital visibility and online presence.

10. You remain relevant to customers."

The entire article can be found here: http://www.mpdailyfix.com/10-business-reasons-to-participate-in-social-media/