I just had the pleasure to present at the Sleepless in Dallas event. Contestants receive 8 hours of training in SharePoint and then are split into teams. The teams receive a challenge and then have all night to design, develop and present a solution using what they learned.

My presentation on SharePoint Master Pages and Page Layouts. I covered how to create and troubleshoot master pages. The tool that I created to facilitate the process is my Page Anatomy master. You can download the file and use or customize as you see fit. One thing I notice is sometimes the master does not load correctly because the import process changes the URLs on the ~/_controltemplates/ references and removes the "~/". After you import the page you may need to fix the references.

  1. To apply the Page Anatomy master page import the page to the master page gallery of your publishing site.
  2. Check in and approve the page.
  3. In Site Settings | Master Page choose PageAnatomy.master.


Download PageAnatomy.zip

Download the SharePoint Master Pages presentation