For the past few months I’ve been working on a project where the client is in the Pacific Time Zone.  I’m in the Eastern Time Zone.  Quite often when looking at my Outlook calendar I have to on the fly subtract 3 hours when talking or emailing the client.  While talking to Mick Talbott, a co-worker of mine that is in the Arizona Time Zone working on the same project as I am he mentioned you can setup Outlook to display another time zone.  I think my exact words were “really?”.  He told me how and now I’m telling you how.

Notice how my Outlook was only showing the times of the time zone I was in.

In Outlook click File.


Click Calendar

2016-05-10 16_16_29-Outlook Options

Scroll all the way down to Time zones

2016-05-10 16_16_41-Outlook Options

Label your primary time zone, put a check in show a second time zone, label your second time zone, and set the time zone.  Click OK.

2016-05-10 16_17_10-Outlook Options

Now you’ll see both time zones in your calendar!