SharePoint intranet

Recently I saw a good article making that case that now is the time to upgrade your SharePoint. One of the primary things that the article identifies is that the nature of the Intranet that a company creates and then essentially ignores for years until the next version of SharePoint intranet was released is behind us.  Between Office 365 and the newer versions of SharePoint intranet on premise, the days of the Intranet project that is done once every 3-5 years really is gone, even though it really wasn’t a good pattern even when Microsoft released a new version of SharePoint every 3 years.

This got me to thinking that we have a much more important question to answer for our organizations.  What IS an Intranet in the Modern Workplace?  In the past, the Intranet was usually seen as a website, often in SharePoint, that focused on corporate news, surfaced HR, Marketing, and enterprise-wide read-only content.  Don’t get me wrong, this is valuable information and is important to every organization, but it really is just one small portion of the work that our people do all day long.

Let me ask you a question.  How often do your people actually go to the SharePoint to accomplish the tasks that are the focus of their jobs?