In some recent posts I have provided some SQL scripts which I have been using to display Operations Manager data in various dashboards and gadgets. The problem with these solutions is that you need the SQL queries to populate the dashboards and gadgets but there aren’t many of them provided yet in the community. As a first step forward on this I have taken eight OpsMgr related SQL queries that I have used and have provided them for download on SystemCenterCentral.  Specifically:

  • Alerts per Day
  • Count of CU Versions in OpsMgr
  • Database Used and Free Space
  • OpsMgr Agent Health Percentage
  • Processor Utilization
  • TCP Port Query Performance
  • Top Alerts by Alert Count
  • Top Alerts by Repeat Count

NOTE: These have been gathered from a variety of different sources across the community and in some cases they are just gathered and in others they have been changed. I am NOT a SQL guy so I can’t vouch for how good these are as far as queries go but they have worked for me.

If you have queries which you use for:

  • Operations Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Configuration Manager

Please post them here as a comment and I’ll wrap them up into a download to share with the rest of the community! Hint: One great way to harvest SQL queries for OpsMgr is to deconstruct existing OpsMgr reports.


Thank you to everyone in the community who either put these together or shared them to get us to the point where we have a list of queries to start from!