You may or may not have heard by now that the business intelligence capability in SharePoint 2010 now has a platform branding called INSIGHTS.

I will blog more about the features in my “down time” at the SQL PASS conference next week, but I wanted to put the links out to everyone so you can start ramping up on what is coming inside SharePoint 2010 with respect to business intelligence.

First and foremost, the official Insights link: Lots of information and resource links posted here – -a great way to take a top down look at what the Insights platform is all about.

If you have completely been ignoring the news and the gossip, then you probably have missed the two biggest architectural features in the Insights platform will be PerformancePoint Services and Excel Services support of PowerPivot (formerly Project Gemini).  PerformancePoint Services will utilize the new application services architecture that is now part of SharePoint – -this allows for far greater flexibility in deployment and most importantly, security. 

PerformancePoint Services links:

Excel Services:

Report Builder 3.0:

Technical Diagrams:

So, keep reading and don’t get left behind.  If you landed here and you are more interested in the other features of SharePoint and not business intelligence, visit my fellow Catapultian Matt’s post here. I will, of course, encourage you to stay here and become more interested in BI, but I’m not into forcing my opinion in anyone, I’ll leave that to the media.