Well, I survived the first three day SharePoint Saturday Event.  It was an amazing time and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and the audiences at both sessions were amazing!


My first session was on SharePoint for DotCom sites.  As I told the group, if you can take away  only one thing from the session it was that while SharePoint can do DotCom sites…it is really expensive.  We talked about the level of design work and how that drives up costs.  How, since this is your company’s face to the world, you will often see companies hiring ad agencies to design the sites and the design has to be pixel perfect (which drives up costs).  That cross-browser compatibility drives up costs.  You get the idea.  You can see the slides from the presentation if you like


SharePoint for DotCom Sites Presentation at SharePoint Saturday The Conference


I was blown away by the audience participation and questions and someone came all the way from Slovakia to hear me talk…well not really, they were just there for the conference and I happened to be one of the sessions they came to.


My second session was on Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm.  It was the last session slot of the conference and I figured that no one would be willing to stay for it.  Boy was I wrong.  We had a good turnout and once again the crowd was amazing!  Here are the slides

Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm at SharePoint Saturday The Conference



As you can see I got right into the meat by spinning the bits…NOT!  This was all about planning and learning to ask the right questions.  It started out with a discussion about the roles in SharePoint and the types of “official” farms, and then talked about defining perfection for your organization.


One of the attendees (Sandy Ussia) took notes on my presentation and you can read them here.  Thank you Sandy!


I do love the line I came up with when someone asked me if the SQL Server is really part of the farm…I replied “yes, if the water is part of the fish tank” which lead to the quote “SQL is the water to our fish” 


I hope that everyone enjoys these presentations.  I will be at SPC11 (attending not presenting) but look for me at the Catapult Systems booth.  I would love to meet anyone there.