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In this video we will walk through an end-to-end solution tracking Power Automate Approvals with SharePoint Lists using an approval workflow & SharePoint column formatting.

Using column formatting, we will showcase an Approval timeline which will include a progress / status indicator for showcasing the current state of the approval process related to the SharePoint list item + Approval history which includes all details of the approval action (approver name, approval date, time taken to respond, comments), highlight the current approvers & calculate the time the approval action is in pending state.
This can be handy in identifying where the approval process is taking more time.
We will also define dynamic approvers based on metadata & log the approval history to SharePoint list item (best practice since flow approval history is only available for 28 days).

Scenario in video is a help desk application in SharePoint where users log information which triggers the approval process.

Topics covered:
✔️ SharePoint Column Formatting
✔️ Approval Workflow using Power Automate
✔️ Dynamic approvers
✔️ Approval history logging
✔️ Approval Timeline

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – SharePoint List Column formatting + Approval flow walkthrough
04:30 – Build SharePoint List for help desk solution
05:39 – Build an approval flow using Power Automate + Track Approvals
11:44 – Add Column Formatting for Approval Timeline + Approval Pending time
13:33 – Dynamic Approval Workflow for SharePoint list
16:27 – Approval Timeline + History Column formatting
17:10 – Calculate Time Since Approval Pending
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