If you are working with OpsMgr 2012 RC and you have been trying to implement the SharePoint 2010 Management Pack, you should be getting an error when you attempt to run the “Configure SharePoint Management Pack” in the Monitoring > SharePoint 2010 Products > Administration node.  The reason that you are getting this error is not because the SP 2010 MP is complicated to deploy, but that the version available through the Pinpoint MP catalog is not compatible with OpsMgr 2012.  There IS a compatible MP though, for those that are registered in the OpsMgr 2012 TAP program on MS Connect. I’ve included a download link below to those that have access, otherwise all you can do is wait unfortunately.

UPDATE: I’ve recieved a copy of the updated management pack and it works. The MP creates a second task named "Configure SharePoint Management Pack (SCOM 2012)” which I was able to run successfully!


Note: I’ll update this blog once I’ve successfully implemented the MP with anything else I find.