We love technology and we love helping people. It’s in our DNA. That’s a very short description of our Managed Services team here at Catapult Systems.

We help businesses and people every day and it’s why we enjoy coming to work. So, in that spirit, I thought it might be a good idea to share some of our stories and write about those success stories or, as I call them, "service stories."

So, let’s get started! Here’s the first chapter…


Trend spotted, downtime prevented

A client’s business-critical SharePoint environment was due to go offline within 24 hours due to a SQL drive space issue. How did we know? Our monitoring service, System Center Operations Manager, along with comprehensive health checks spotted a trend and we were able to get the issue resolved before that trend turned into reality. This meant there was no lost productivity time for their business users. And, as we all know, lost productivity time always has a negative financial impact.

Next week’s service story will focus on how we discovered a high availability problem for a global, 24/7 organization and delivered a solution that has resulted in zero unplanned downtime.