Some days, our Managed Services team fixes production errors or we show business users how to configure a content query web part to quickly display important data. And then there are days when we notice a setup or configuration issue that doesn’t match up with the needs of an organization. That’s the focus of this week’s service story.

No redundancy? We can take care of that

One of our clients is a global, 24/7 company that collaborates with their own clients and partners using SharePoint. During our first few weeks of managing their environments, we discovered that their extranet site topology had two single points of failure. This meant that with the failure of just one server, important clients and partners would have no access to critical data available only on their dedicated SharePoint sites.

One of the single points of failure was SQL. The databases were on a single SQL server with no mirroring or clustering in place. We resolved this by moving their SharePoint databases to a SQL cluster.

The second point of failure was at the web server level. The sites were only served up by one web front end server. We resolved this by adding a server to their SharePoint farm and load-balancing all of the sites across the two web front end servers.

As a result of these changes, there has been no unplanned downtime for their extranet sites in the past 9 months.

Next week’s service story will focus on how we tracked down a "ghost" and eliminated an issue that caused work stoppages for users several times a week.