[NOTE: This is written in non-production code for Service Manager 2012 so anything here may change by RTM.]

Do you want a really good lesson learned when installing the SharePoint 2010 self service portal? My recommendation is to take a screenshot of the last screen of the installation for the Service Manager Portal. This screen shows you the location of the URL for the portal which I had a horrible time finding this after the fact! I ended up uninstalling and re-installing just to identify the URL.

SM portal 05

To find the URL I tried going to the start menu but there was no problem shortcut available for the portal (Strike 1).

Next – IIS! I browsed through the available websites in the IIS manager and while it shows the Service Manager Portal, if you browse to it this does not bring up the portal. (Strike 2 – but at least I now knew the port number that I had chosen for the portal).


Then… What about in the SharePoint 2010 Management Console? Doesn’t it show us the full URL? Ummm… No. (Strike 3 – you’re out!)


To access the Service Manager Portal for 2012, take the URL provided in either IIS or the SharePoint Administration Add to this “SMPortal” and you have the URL of the Service Manager Portal.


Summary: Installed the Service Manager Portal for 2012 and forgot to write down what the URL for it? Use the IIS administrator to determine the port number chosen for the Service Manager Portal, and add SMPortal to that URL (example: http://cloud-sp01:82/SMPortal).