We had another great meeting of the Office 365 International User Group yesterday. While it was a bit shorter than most of the meetings, that being my fault as I was a bit busy and unable to line up a presenter, it did have a bunch of cross talk and discussion. I started out the meeting with a quick demonstration of the Custom Theming for the Nav Toolbar. The demo was pretty quick, but it did bring up other questions about further customization of the Toolbar.

We then shifted gears and talked about features and functionality we would like to see in Office 365. I plan to review the Yammer Group and insert any ideas not already registered, https://www.yammer.com/itpronetwork/groups/featurerequests

Here is the list of features and functionality that the group developed:

OneDrive for Business

  • Selective Sync – Just like Consumer
  • Force RMS Template/Setting for each user’s OneDrive
  • MAC Client
  • Update for Client hopefully coming End of October

Exchange Online

  • Cross premises Delegation
  • Ability to Manage Email Aliases and DL Groups from Online
  • Send As Email Alias from the primary mailbox not using a DL or SharedMailbox
  • Bring Disposable email address to Exchange Online

Lync Online

  • Enterprise Voice

Office 365

  • Reports on Delegated Admin
  • Time based Admin times and reports
  • Split Tenant across multiple Regions

Also I want to ensure all, especially Europeans’ are aware of the upcoming Office 365 Saturday, http://office365saturday.net/. They are still looking for speakers so here is your chance to get in front of a passionate Office 365 audience!

And here is the Recording of the meeting, http://1drv.ms/ZDQS8o