I have been spending this week delivering a Microsoft sponsored SharePoint Delivery Planning Services session. If you are a Partner and you don’t know about SDPS you should check it out. If you are a customer and have Software Assurance you should talk to your Partner or Microsoft about taking advantage of this great benefit. In a nutshell SDPS is a service provided by Microsoft to assist customers in the deployment of SharePoint. Qualified Partners present 1, 3, 5, 10, or 15 day programs that include planning and (depending on your level of SA) proof of concept services to assist in the development of your vision for SharePoint.

The SDPS participants for this engagement are in several cities so my buddy from Microsoft, Jeff Pratt, ponied up a Microsoft RoundTable device for our Live Meeting sessions. Microsoft RoundTable is a combination conference phone and panoramic web cam. The device integrates with the Live Meeting console to provide a 360° view of the room in the "Video Panorama" window. The coolest part is that the device detects the current speaker and zooms the "Current Speaker" window to focus on that person. (Beware, if you are eating loudly everyone will see you doing it! Apparently this is known as the Matt Watson Teriyaki bowl syndrome.)