I recently added some custom fields to the Business Service class, and I wanted to add those fields to the Business Service’s form. However, it turns out that the Business Service’s form is really tied to the Service class, so I was unable to see my extensions in the Authoring Console. This can be a real big problem because the Service class is an abstract class, which means that you cannot extend it. So the only real option to be able to add the Business Service extensions to the form is to create a custom form. Which you should know can take a long time and a lot of development. However, I was able to avoid this by making a copy of the Service form from the Service Maps Library, and placing it in the management pack attached to the end of this article.

In order for this form to work I made a few changes to the xml. First, it must reference the assembly file Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.ServiceMaps.Forms.dll. Instead of extracting this dll from the Service Maps Library management pack bundle, I simple referenced the assembly from the Service Maps Library management pack. This way, if the assembly file is ever updated you will not have to update this custom form management pack. It will automatically point to be updated assembly file.

The second changed I made was a little simpler, but essential to getting this form to work. To get the form to point to the Business Service class instead of the Service class, I updated the type projection to point to Business Service class.

So now to customize the Business Service’s form, all you need to do is download the Custom Business Service Forms, open it in the Author Console, make you customization, seal it (if you prefer), and import into your Service Manager environment.

Customizable Business Services Form – TechNet Gallery

Please note that this form was made using System Center 2012 R2. If you are on a previous version of Service Manager, this form should still work, but you would just need to update the versions numbers in the References section of the management pack.