You may have run into this issue of having an underscore in the Instance name, are trying to deploy SCSM, and can’t seem to find out the resolution.  What do you do??


I can hit both the RS URLs and the service is running fine prior to deploying SCSM 2012.  The SSRS instance is located on the RDBMS SQL instance for the ServiceManager DB, and SSAS is also deployed to this same server.

No matter what I try, I still get this error even though I was running SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1…

"The SQL Server is not running version SQL Server 2008 SP2 or SQL Server 2008 R2. Please update it to the newest version and retry"


Other known issues:



  • DO NOT use Underscores “_” within the SSRS instance and DW SQL instances.


As easy as this sounds, this was the resolution, but it required an uninstall of the instance, and a reinstall of the instance ID


Thank you to Danny Ruiz for pointing out this quirk!