SCCM 2012 Application Model “bug”???


Sharing in the hopes I am either doing something WRONG or this is a bug in the application Model functionality


I wanted to recreate the AppV Client install within the “Application Model”


I wanted to “delete” the previous AppV Client Application Setup:


These Dependencies popped up:




Now – I previously “Had” the AppV Client deployment as a dependency for an AppV Application deployment – meaning – when deploying an AppV App ensure that the AppV Client was installed:

But I removed the “dependencies”:






I do NOT have any deployments nor Deployment Types!!!!






But again – when I go to DELETE an the AppV Client that “was” linked to  Firefox within the “deployment type” option I get this error:




The ONLY fix at the moment is to:

Delete the Application(s) that “did” have dependencies




Than I can DELETE the AppV Client

This has to be a bug