During integration testing with OpsMgr 2012, ServiceMgr 2012 and Savision Live Maps 2012 we ran across an issue we needed to work around. The problem was with using the Open Live Map task shown below. This occurred on a 32 bit Windows 7 computer.


There is currently not a version of the  Service Manager Integration for x86 systems. The following is the workaround provided by Savision:

Copy the Live Maps dll’s from the service manager console folder of the Service Manager server to your desktop.

In order to allow the “Open Live Maps” link in the SCSM Console to function on an Incident resolver’s workstation, the following Savision files must be copied from the Service manager installation folder on the Management server into the Service Manager Installation folder on the Workstation:

  • Savision.Helper.x64.dll
  • Savision.LiveMaps.ServiceManager.Common.dll
  • Savision.LiveMaps.ServiceManager.DataAccess.dll
  • Savision.LiveMaps.ServiceManager.DataAccess.InstallState
  • Savision.LiveMaps.ServiceManager.Integration.dll
  • Savision.LiveMaps.ServiceManager.Integration.InstallState
  • Savision.LiveMaps.ServiceManager.OpsMgrDataAccess.dll

Once these files are copied, the “Open Live Maps” option in the SCSM console functioned as expected.


Thank you to Robert Burleson and Savision support for their help identifying this workaround!