Recently Catapult co-blogged on methods to visualize weather information via OMS and Power BI. These blog posts are available at:


The sample OMS solution which was created in the series on visualization weather information is now available for download at:

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a way which will allow sharing of the Power BI report which was created in this same series outside of my organization. When you integrate OMS with Power BI the data is only available in the web based version of Power BI ( This same data is not available in Power BI desktop. This article outlines options available to share from Power BI. I investigated the approach to create a content pack but that only allows you to share content within your own organization.

It looks like Microsoft is heading the direction which will allow these reports to be exported as pbix files but that functionality is not currently available for reports which were written in Power BI web (which is what we have to use for OMS exported data).

Currently this is how the report looks when attempting to export it (the download report section is greyed out). I plan on revisiting this blog post once this functionality is available for these types of reports.

Currently the best approach I’ve been able to do to share this Power BI report is in a view mode which is available at:

Steps to add the OMS weather visualization solution:

Adding the solution for weather visualization is straightforward.

Open the View Designer.

Click on Import

Click choose file and add the “Weather Information.omsview” file

Please note, to populate data for this visualization you will need to run the PowerShell script provided at:

Once the solution is added and data has been sent in from the PowerShell script the solution should appear with similar data to what is shown below.

Steps to add the Power BI weather visualization solution:

In Power BI desktop or the web version you should be able to get data and point it to the exported pbix file to add this type of visualization to Power BI.

Thank you to Erik who gave me the push in the right long term direction to export the Power BI report we created for Microsoft OMS and thank you to Tao for his insights on OMS and how it integrates with Power BI!

Summary: To add the existing weather information solution for OMS, download it from here and import it in the View Designer. The Power BI report is not currently available for download but it is available for view here.