I’ve thought for several years now about writing a book about real world experience versus classic management methodology and it looks like there are two new ones coming out that will be great to read before taking that step.

The first one is Getting Results the Agile Way, a book being written by J.D. Meier, a Microsoft employee. To shamelessly steal from his blog, he lists several things the book helps with:

  • How to find work / life balance
  • How to shift from tasks and activities to meaningful results and outcomes
  • How to use stories and scenario-driven results to carve out value in your life
  • How to overwhelm your challenges with fierce results
  • How to defeat perfectionism
  • How to avoid analysis paralysis and take action a simple story at a time
  • How to find your flow state for more engaging work
  • How to find your passion and purpose
  • How to play to your strengths for more energy and better results
  • How to conquer fear and avoid learned helplessness
  • How to motivate yourself in ways that make you feel you can move mountains
  • How to focus on what really counts
  • How to prioritize more effectively
  • How to create more value for yourself and others
  • How to spend more time on what you want, and less time on what you don’t


Even more exciting (to me at least) is the upcoming book Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of 37 signals, the startup that spurned ruby on rails. The book is all about challenging existing market-think. These two can be pretty radical but I always find some nuggets of gold in each speech I’ve seen online or blog post that comes out of their company. Here’s a few of their tenets:

  • ASAP is poison
  • Underdo the competition
  • Meetings are toxic
  • Fire the workaholics
  • Emulate drug dealers
  • Pick a fight
  • Planning is guessing
  • Inspiration is perishable