What a great month for ReSearch This and the Operations Manager community!

Big updates this month include:

  • The ReSearch This contest was announced last month and completes on 9/1.  Information on how to win a Surface RT or a signed copy of the Unleashed book are available here!
  • There have been a several new ReSearch This KB articles written this month by a variety of authors (details are below).


There have been lots of great new ReSearch This articles this provided by the community this month! The following are the newest additions to the ReSearch This community knowledge repository – written in August 2013 (in order of publication day):


Run As Account does not exist on the target system or does not have enough permissions by Alexey Zhuravlev 

Upgrade fails when the database server name is missing in the registry by Tommy Gunn

AD Client GC Availability : The script ‘AD Client GC Availability’ encountered an error while executing the query’ by Tommy Gunn

VMM Agent Not Reachable by Alexey Zhuravlev 

Operations Manager 2012 Agent Push Installation Error – Access is Denied by Tommy Gunn

VGS not Installed by Alexey Zhuravlev  

Cluster resource group offline or partially online by Stanislav Zhelyazkov

Cluster resource group offline or partially online by Stanislav Zhelyazkov

The IntraArrayAddress defined on this server is not in the Local Address Table (LAT) by Alexey Zhuravlev

Failed to perform NLB cluster discovery due to a WMI error by Alexey Zhuravlev 

Service Stopped by Alexey Zhuravlev 

At Least one ISP link is unavailable by Alexey Zhuravlev 


Call to action!

If you aren’t using it already, go and download the free ReSearch This management pack from: http://www.systemcentercentral.com/pack-catalog/research-this-mp/

If you are already using ReSearch This check out the new home page and start submitting your own alert resolutions to be part of the contest! http://www.systemcentercentral.com/researchthis