Alert: Root Management Server Unavailable

Issue: We ran into an issue recently where we saw issues with most of our distributed applications changing to a grey state seemingly for no reason. After a little digging we determined that the RMS server itself was actually in a grey state. We tried things that have worked in the past like reviewing the Operations Manager logs on the RMS, restarting services on the RMS, rebooting the RMS and even went so far as to reboot pretty much all OpsMgr related servers just to be thorough. Still grey. We verified that database connectivity was functional, there was plenty of free space in the Operations Manager database and we found no indications of the root cause. Just grey, grey and more grey.

Resolution: I doubt if this is supported, but at least it allowed us to bring back up our Operations Manager environment. We stopped each of the three services on the RMS, renamed the %programfiles%\system center operations manager 2007\health service state\health service store\ to another file name, and then restarted the services. This re-created the health service store folder, and rebuilt the files within it. This is the second time I have seen this in one environment in less than a year.