This past week I was on vacation with my family in the San Diego, CA area! We stayed at a great beach side resort in La Jolla and spent time at the beach, SeaWorld, Legoland and site seeing in San Diego. SeaWorld was great and I also really enjoyed touring the USS Midway, a US Aircraft Carrier that severed for 47 years and has been turned into a great museum on San Diego Harbor.

While on Vacation, Microsoft announced they are jumping into the tablet hardware race with the Surface, They will have two versions, one running on ARM chips and one on x86 chips. I like the design, especially the keyboard built-in to the cover. Not sure I like then name, and this is because they have had Surface devices that came out a couple years ago touting touch technology, so when I finally saw a tweet about the Surface announcement I was a bit confused.

Seeing some supposed leaks about pricing, Seems that these are ok prices, but I still want to know what processor power and memory available to make a better judgment on the leaked prices. Once way I think Microsoft should delay the deployment of Office for iPad. This is one of the biggest selling points for the Surface tablets over the fruit tablets. By delaying the availability for Office on iPads I believe Microsoft will have a broader adoption for their tablets running Windows 8 and a full Office experience!

The other big news came with the announcement about Windows Phone 8, I really think having the workstation and the phone running the same kernel is key to the success of both. Now developers can develop one app for both platforms! While I am a bit discouraged about not being able to upgrade my Nokia 900 to the full Windows Phone 8 version, I do like that most generation 1 and 2 phones will get upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8, which will bring a bunch of the UI enhancements to older phones. But really, who am I kidding, once the new phones running Windows Phone 8 are available, I will be buying one. My daughter will most likely inherit my 900 as her "Phone", she is currently using my original Samsung Focus.

Office 365 International User Group Meeting is this Tuesday, the 26th at 8pm UTC/GMT. Head over to our website to get a meeting invite to add to your calendar and it includes the Lync Meeting info,

Here is the planned agenda:

  1. Welcome and light discussion (how about we talk Windows 8 both on the desktop/tablet and the phone)
  2. Presentation on RiverBed’s WAN acceleration for Cloud Computing – Brett Hill
  3. Office 365 Exam Prep discussion
  4. Office 365 Support discussion

Hope you can join the meeting and share in the discussions.

And I would like to leave you all with this; A great video developed by our @SlingRock Marketing sister company. I had some input into this video as part of a large company we are working with doing a comparison between Office 365 and Google Apps!