Later this week I’ll be flying to Michigan taking a 4 day mini-vacation.  For some reason I can’t sleep sitting.  I have to lay on my side/stomach with one arm straight under my pillow to lift my head up and I have to have a huggie pillow.  This basically means sleeping on a plane isn’t an option for me.  When flying I generally watch movies, listen to music, play simple games like minesweeper, or read.  This weekend I wanted to catch up on some new Microsoft products by reading TechNet.  Since there isn’t internet on the flight I was wondering if there was an offline version of TechNet.  I found some posting about a codeplex product called Package This!  It’s basically a stand-alone file that allows you to choose what parts of the TechNet tree you want and it creates a chm file that you can save locally.

It’s not perfect.  I noticed that some graphics don’t come over and the format is different but the text is there for reading.

Below are the steps I took to get it working. 

When I tried to create the chm file by using the Package This application it barked at me to install HTML Help Workshop.  What’s funny is IE9 said the htmlhelp.exe for HTML Help Workshop was reported as unsafe from Microsoft’s website(see screenshot)!  I ran it anyway but HTML Help Workshop complained that I already had a newer version but still installed anyway.


After that you now have a way to save TechNet articles off-line!