Microsoft Azure

How well does one know Microsoft Azure and all of its main capabilities? In my blog below I’ve stumbled upon a new trick that I wanted to share with our Catapult community.

One of the best things about Azure is that you never know what new functionality you will have when you log in daily. On the flip-side of that coin, you also don’t know where things you knew existed yesterday are at today. I ran into this again recently when I was trying to find where the Log Analytics workspace key is now visible in the Azure portal.

A little while back Billy York put together a blog post on this topic, however, the steps have slightly changed since then.


To get to the Log Analytics workspace keys and workspace id follow this path:

Log Analytics workspace / Advanced settings / Agent management

The piece that threw me was the new UI shown below, this is where the Agent management now resides in the Azure portal (shown in graphic #1).

Graphic #1: New location to open Agents management


Opening “Agents management” brings you to the familiar screen shown below (shown in graphic #2).

Graphic #2: Workspace ID and keys


What other Microsoft Azure capabilities would you like to read about? Let us know below and we’ll create new content to answer all of your Microsoft Azure questions.