Looking for are the DPM 2012 management packs? They do not currently appear in the online management pack listings available though the OpsMgr console or as party of the System Center Marketplace. They are located on the DPM 2012 Media in this location:



After importing :


For full functionality you should consider the following:


  1. Import the management pack
  2. Install the DPM Central Console on the OpsMgr Management Server
  3. Add an Account to the DPM Admin Operator Profile
  4. Add the same account to the DPM Server(s) local Administrator Group
  5. Add the same account to the OpsMgr Server(s) local Administrator Group
  6. Deploy an OpsMgr Agent to the DPM server(s)
  7. Change the discovery rules or wait for them to run by itself (Default Discovery is approximately 6hrs)

Thanks to Paul Johnson for bringing this to my attention!