I do a lot of my demonstrations for System Center using a lab environment that I run out of my home. In most ways this works well, but one of the negatives of this approach is the amount of bandwidth available going up from my home to the Internet (on my provider I get about 12-15 MB down, and 1 MB up). One of the side-effects of this configuration is when I am demonstrating I can’t open search engines which have really pretty backgrounds on them or moving backgrounds on them because it brings my demo to a halt trying to provide screen refreshes. While the search engine is pretty it wasn’t very practical on this type of a connection. This is a long winded way of saying that I didn’t use Bing for my searches when doing demonstrations due to this challenge. I spent a little more time recently testing other options and found a great option.

Bing has a mobile version which works beautifully even over my terminal services connection! Check it out at m.bing.com!