Are you interested in seeing how entities (objects) are configured in Operations Manager and how the hierarchy works? If so then check this utility out:

A description of the utility provided by the author is:

"SCSM Entity Explorer is a tool for System Center Service Manager (SCSM) administrators to help them browse and get information about the classes and objects stored in the SCSM database.


•Browse entity types (classes and enumerations) in a comprehensive tree view

•Find entity types using search

•Get information about classes and enumerations, its properties and relationships

•Retrieve list of objects of any class and view object details"

This utility was built for Service Manager but we this appears to work with Operations Manager as well (this is a benefit of both products being built from the same framework). Based upon my quick tests it appears that this works for Operations Manager as well – shown in the screenshot below.

Thanks to David Jaffe for pointing out this utility and to the author for writing it and sharing it with the community!