We have an environment with multiple management groups: One for a lab (an all-in-one environment – discussed here), as well as one for QA, and one for production. We develop the maps in the lab, and then transfer them to QA to use with real data, and the move them into production to map out the production systems. The challenge here is that we did not want to have to re-create the maps which we developed in the various environments. After speaking with the Savision support crew, there is a quick any easy way to transfer or re-use Savision Live Maps between environments.

Savision uses two different management packs as shown below:


All Live Maps views that you create are stored in the OpsMgr database and can be exported by exporting the Management Pack(s) that they are stored in. By default, all Live Maps views are stored in the ‘Savision Live Maps v4 Authoring’ MP. So for our lab environment, we just open the OpsMgr Console / Administration / Management Packs and look for Savision. Next we right-click the appropriate management pack (shown above) and export it, next we transfer the exported management pack to the QA environment and then we import the management pack into the QA environment.

Note: Within the Live Map, the entities which are actually linked to the map in one environment will not exist when the management pack is imported into a different environment so we use the Savision authoring console to link the appropriate entities so that the map is now functional.

Thanks to Savision support for explaining how to do this!