Looking for a quick way to validate that your SMTP servers are working correctly?

A good first step is to do a telnet to the SMTP server name on port 25 but that doesn’t let you know if the system will allow the relay of mail. As a next step try this out. The Alert Forward MP provides a way to highlight an alert and forward it to someone. Pretty cool function when you need to send over a specific alert to someone on another team and they don’t have a subscription in OpsMgr. The Alert Forward MP also provides a way to quickly verify if your SMTP servers are working correctly. To do so try this:

  • Download the Alert Forwarding MP from Ron Williams (http://www.systemcenterforum.org/mps/) and install it.
  • Once it’s installed, there is a file in the c:\Forward_Alerts_MP directory called email_alert.vbs.
  • Edit this script to change the smtp server value at the end of the file. Change it to the name of your first SMTP server in OpsMgr.
  • Once that is changed, highlight an alert and use the Forward Alert via Email. This will forward the alert via the script (assuming that you do not have Outlook installed on the system which you are forwarding the alert from – if the script detects Outlook installed on the system it will use Outlook instead of the script). When the script runs it asks for the email address to send the alert to, and you can validate the success of the SMTP server’s configuration by verifying that the alert is received to the email account it was sent to.
  • You can then perform the same tests for each SMTP server to verify that they are working correctly.