One of the approaches which has been available to provide dashboard integration for Operations Manager utilizes Visio and SharePoint Enterprise edition. I have worked with this approach and blogged on it several times in the past including:


Microsoft added several new widgets which I discussed previously at One of these is the topology widget. The topology widget provides a way to add an image and drag and drop Operations Manager objects onto that image. I realized that the topology widget could be used as a quick way to replace an existing Visio integrated diagram. The topology widget can replace the Visio integrated diagram and would actually provide two significant benefits when compared with a Visio integrated diagram:

  1. This is no requirement to have Visio professional and SharePoint Enterprise edition (as the solution works completely within Operations Manager).
  2. All objects are directly integrated into the Operations Manager console you can right-click on objects and pivot to other views.

To show how we can do this I used an existing blog post image which showed a Visio diagram (

I used paint to trim non-required sections of the graphic and to remove the health states from the objects shown.

Next I added this as a topology widget in a single grid dashboard. To show only the health state of the object (not the image of the object) use the Default node as shown below.

The next step is to find all of the appropriate objects and add them to the dashboard. All objects are placed in the center of the graphic by default. To see which object is which, highlight the object like in the example below where the critical item is highlighted (Agent Watchers).

These objects can be highlighted and worked with as shown below (right-clicking allows you to navigate to the default views as shown below).

The example below shows the completed topology widget replacement for the original Visio integrated diagram.

Summary: If you are currently using Visio integrated diagrams for diagrams and you want to replace them with a topology widget this is a simple and quick (this example took less than 20 minutes to convert) process make the change and use this new widget.