Question: In MOM 2005 I had a view where I could see the last time that an agent had sent a heartbeat. Where can I find this in Operations Manager?

The key reason for this most often is a requirement to determine what agents are not heartbeating correctly. There isn’t a view (or a way to customize) a view within Operations Manager that I have been able to find so this is a solid question. Good reading on this is available at

Solution: My recommendation is to use the free new reports from System Center Central as part of the SCC Health Check Reports. They have a report called “Agents – Down Agents (OM)” which works well to provide this type of information as shown below.


This report shows all agents which are not currently sending heartbeats and when they had last sent a heartbeat.


Summary: Want to see what agents aren’t heartbeating correctly in your environment? Check out the Down Agents report!