At MMS I had a request to re-blog this as a specific topic to make it easier to find. Specifically the question was asked how to configure OpsMgr to allow more than 10 objects to be selected to perform a task (or run a report) on. The following is a subset from: 

Registry Key to control the number of objects to fetch Tasks/Reports:

DWORD value
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Console

Possible values:

-1 (xFFFFFF) : unlimited number of objects allowed to be selected for fetching tasks/reports
0 : tasks/reports are not going to be populated for selected items in the view
Integer value > 0 : maximum number of simultaneously selected objects for which tasks/reports are going to be generated. The default value is set to 10

I had previously used this information in my article on quick ways to run reports from OpsMgr available at: 


Thank you to Eric (and others) who asked for this – great meeting you all at MMS!