Michael Murgolo has a nice post over on The Deployment Guys Blog.

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The Lite Touch Deployment Process end in a Summary Wizard pane that displays any warning or errors that were logged in the MDT master log (BDD.log).


This is a great feature but customers have pointed out that this summary is not preserved after the Summary Wizard is closed.  If you accidentally Finish before reading everything, you now have to open the log and start trawling through it.

So what I was initially going to do to preserve this information was to change Summary_scripts.vbs (the part of the Summary Wizard code that does the work) to write the same information to a text file.  However, as I pondered this I realized that there was no general purpose function for querying logs in SMS format.  So instead of just changing Summary_scripts.vbs I decided to create such query functionality and then use that.