Thank you to all of the people who attended today’s session! The PowerPoint deck (as well as the others in the MVP Pro Speaker series) appears to already be available for download at:


There were a couple of questions that we weren’t able to get to today during the presentation’s Q&A session:


Question: “Does the DPM 2012 management pack work with SCOM 2007 R2?”

Answer: From Damian Flynn: “To my knowledge – the MP does work, but dose not have any aggregation support for rolling up multiple DPM servers into a single view. I believe that Kevin Green has this covered on his blog also."

Kevin’s blog posts on this topic are below:


Question: “Do you know if there is an official word from Microsoft if they will be adding support for HP procurve switches?”

Answer: There is no official word currently available from Microsoft on when they will be adding support for HP procurve switches in Operations Manager.

Per Daniele Grandini: “In my experience the HP procurve switches work in Operations Manager 2012 as if they are certified but I have not tested every model”. Screenshots from Daniele’s experience is below.

Procurve 01

Procurve 02

Additional relevant links: This however was written per the 2012 original release and wasn’t updated for 2012 SP1. It also links to a location which is no longer available for currently supported network devices. – Daniele’s writeup on creating SNMP monitoring in Operations Manager 2012 and good discussions on what is and is not available in generic network devices. – Daniele’s second part of this series.



Thank you to Karrie Ondracek and Travis Wright for putting together this event, and to Damian and Daniele for their help with the Q&A!


Update: The list of supported devices has been updated and is available at: