In Dallas last week there were some good questions asked which we were not able to address related to Windows 7. The following is the summary of information gathered for the team (see the blog ending for a full list):

Printers on Windows 7:

1) We have a client who has a Kyocera printer which is pausing. It prints from Vista without an issue but with Windows 7 it pauses (not responding, but does eventually print). It’s delaying a client’s Windows 7 adoption. They have tried different drivers with no benefit. One possibility discussed was that it may be related to a 32-bit printer driver on a 64-bit system.

The Kyocera printer driver might be a kernel mode driver which is a much more protected subsystem in Win 7.  There have been significant changes in the spooler to separated it further from the operating system, probably is what is causing the issue here.  The customer needs to work on Kyocera to provide a better driver for Win 7.

One web link discussing this topic is available at:

2) There appear to have been some significant changes to the print spooler in Windows 7. For one of our clients this is causing issues where they need to restart the print spooler. Has anyone seen this and/or does anyone have technical information on what was changed in the spooler service for Windows 2008 R2/Windows 7?

We have seen some printer issues in Windows 7 and we had to disable “enable bi-directional support” but in this case we were printing to a wireless printer.  The symptom that we saw was it would not talk back so a single print job on a single page would run and run until the printer was out of paper.  This may not help on the particular issue, but this could be a good setting to check with.

For either of these printer issues we suggest that you try posting to the partners forums ( or it may be required to contact CSS (Customer Service and Support – This may be a bug that needs to get sorted out.

Dell and Imaging on Windows 7:

1) Dell – do they have restrictions on what can go into an image? (such as Office). The client was saying that Dell won’t send them laptops/desktops from a corporate image which contain applications such as Office within them.

We do have clients who are including third party software such as anti-virus software (Symantec in this case).

From our Dell representative we received the following summary on Dell’s policy related to images and what they can contain: the images “can contain any software except encrypted proprietary software.”

TaskBar and Windows 7:

1) Seeing issues with trying to use the pin to the taskbar in Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 in terminal server configurations. Can’t use default user any longer? They ended up using a logon script and some form of a custom script to make these pin to the taskbar. But the summary appears to be that within server 2008 R2 on RDS, they cannot find an effective way pin a custom to the taskbar.

2) Additionally on RDS, is there a way to remove items which are pinned to the taskbar such as the server manager, Power Shell command, explore folder options?

These sound like a limitation of Server R2, but there is what appears to be a solid discussion on items related to these which is available at

Special thanks to: Jason Sandys, David Welch, Adam Rafels, James Avery and Robert Mouton for their feedback and help tracking down the information in this blog article!