One of the constant drumbeats over last decade that I have been working with Operations Manager has been issues with management packs (or management pack quality). This is valid feedback, but often it’s valid feedback that doesn’t seem to actually go anywhere. Recently Microsoft has integrated an option called UserVoice for feedback. UserVoice allows you to submit your ideas or suggestions for Microsoft products.

I have recently seen significant success with User Voice around Microsoft OMS. The screenshots below shows a before and after image for the UserVoice for OMS. The important thing to note is that both of the top two items during October were no longer on the list as of now. This is because Microsoft released both the Android Mobile App and iOS Mobile application for OMS. When that happened these items were removed from UserVoice and people who voted for this had their votes returned to them (so that they could vote for other ideas or suggestions).

UserVoice for OMS in October:

UserVoice for OMS in November:

Operations Manager also has a UserVoice site which is available at: Currently the “Top Ideas” request is “HTML5 Portal” and the “Hot Ideas” is “A way to reset monitors automatically when alert is closed”. Both of these are common asks in the Operations Manager community. This however does bring us to an interesting part of the UserVoice solution – Category’s. There are a variety of categories available which are specific to Management Packs including:

  • Azure Management Pack
  • SQL Management Pack
  • Windows Server OS Management Pack
  • Other Management Packs

The full category list is shown below.

By using UserVoice you can add a comment, post a new idea or vote up the idea which you think should be fixed or enhanced within a management pack. You can also socialize your ideas with others through Twitter and Facebook.

Summary: If you are frustrated with issues in management packs I recommend channeling that frustration in a more productive approach by using UserVoice (you can go direct to the Other Management Packs).