Andrew: Seeing as we can’t talk about much of this great content until the Project Server 2010 Official Release on Wednesday, I figured that we could fill the time throwing a post to our SharePoint team sitting back in Texas, Colorado and Florida deploying custom webparts, GAC’ing their DLLs, and thumbing through their copies of Everything I Need to Know About SharePoint Governance I Learned in Kindergarten.

Peter: But don’t they have their SharePoint conference coming up in Las Vegas in October?  In fact, I believe Matt McDermott is giving a pretty cool presentation.

Andrew: True, but don’t you think they would like to know why the Project Conference is way cooler than that SharePoint thing coming up?

Peter:  Well, who wouldn’t?  Let’s see if we can come up with a couple of points.

Andrew: Here’s my suggestions…

1. For a small intimate gathering with a thousand of your closest friends, colleagues and competitors, who goes to Vegas anyway?  Wouldn’t you want to choose the cozy confines of the newly refurbished Phoenix Convention Center?

2. Seamus McAffrey’s Irish Pub and the beer milkshake concoction I had last night

3. Scintillating discussions of the finer points of applying earned value calculations to cost resources in an effort to track fixed bid construction contracts.

4. The cool hotel I am staying at which bills itself as a “European style boutique.”  I smushed up against a European in the elevator yesterday, and he didn’t quite agree with that assessment, unless “European” just means “old.”

Peter: I am not sure what you’re going on about. My turn….

1. The Jingle Jungle curry at the Thai place last night. I enjoy ordering food based solely on it’s name.

2. We’ve determined that Andrew has worked in every country on Earth. Not only that, but he also speaks the language in each of them.

3. SharePoint 2010 and Project Server 2010 on Hyper-V will run on a seemingly normal, run-of-the-mill laptop. Whoda thunk? Solid-state drives rule! As does a little Microsoft tool called ZoomIt.

4. It’s not an act, folks. Tony Castronovo really and truly is all that.

5. The EPM consultants get to see the new Central Admin before the SharePoint guys do.

Andrew: But don’t they have access to the early bits?

Peter: Yeah, they do, but you can’t really say you’ve seen a new technology until you’ve seen it on a giant screen in an overheated hotel banquet room while being lectured in a British accent.

Andrew: True. And let’s not forget the turn around the speedway Tony took on Saturday…

Peter: Well, actually that’s a whole ‘nother story we won’t get into in this blog.