Catapult Team HQ for the week is the lovely Wyndham Hotel in downtown Phoenix – an area called, I believe, Copper Square. I am spending part of the day today on a brief recce of the area, but, so far, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

More urban cool here than I expected. It’s not NYC, of course, and it may not even be downtown Dallas, but it does have two massive advantages over my hometown. Namely: Chase Field and US Airways Center right smack in the urban core. Oh, what could have been in Dallas. But I digress…

Upon reaching my hotel at approx 0200 local this morning (air travel gets better and better, doesn’t it?), my first thought was, “I am nowhere near cool enough to stay in this hotel room.”


What an urban hipster pad it is. Leather-wrapped drawer pulls, earth tones, flat screen TV, little flexible halogen reading lamps mounted above the headboard, back veneer everything, indirect lighting.

I felt the need to grow a soul patch on the spot.

Fortunately for me, my two team-mates, Messrs. Lavinksy and Castronovo, are both accessorized with billly-goatees. I hope their follicle-enhanced coolness will make up for my clean-shaven (and balding) nerdiness.

Hope springs eternal!