This year is shaping up to be a busy one for presentations covering a variety of technologies including: Operations Manager, OMS (from a what’s new, patch management, security and API perspectives), home automation, Microsoft Flow and Power BI!

I have the honor of co-presenting with an incredibly talented set of presenters including: Wally Mead, Dieter Wijckmans, Donnie Taylor, Robert Hedblom, Bob Cornelissen, Greg Ramsey and Islam Gomma.

February 2017: We started the year strong when I co-presented on a webinar with Wally Mead called: “Patch Management Battle of the TITANS – ConfigMgr. Vs. OMS“.

March 2017: Dieter and I were not going to be able to co-present together at this year’s MMS so we are teaming up on March 22nd at noon CST to present on “The Zen of Cloud Resource Monitoring with Microsoft OMS” (to register go here!)

April 2017: This one is still under development but it looks like we’ll be showing how automation can take a page out of the home automation book.

May 2017: The Midwest Management Summit returns on May 15th to the 18th and it looks like it’s going to be great! The following are presentations which I’m currently developing as a co-presenter (or lead presenter):

  • Publishing Anything you could imagine to OMS using the API“: Presenting with Islam Gomma for the first time together!
  • What’s new in Microsoft OMS? (Or Microsoft OMS meets SpaceBalls)“: Presenting with Greg Ramsey for the first time together!
  • OMS, ATA and Azure Security Center mixer”: Teaming up again with the infamous SCOMBOB (Bob Cornelissen)
  • Gain super insight with OMS and a proper SCOM design“: Presenting with Robert Hedblom for the first time together!
  • The New Breed: OMS, Flow, and PowerBI Integration“: Presenting with Donnie Taylor for the first time together!

Check out the session list for MMS 2017 at: You will want to sign up for MMS if you want to see any of the above as they do not provide any recordings for sessions at MMS.

October 2017: It looks like I may be joining the IT/Dev Connections team for a session on Operations Manager (no hints at this point but it’ll definitely be something never seen before).

This looks like it will be a great year for conferences and webinars! I won’t be able to make it to the following this year but I would definitely recommend checking out: