I was recently taking a training course and the lab guide said “create some files in c:stuff”.

imageSure, I *could* use Windows Explorer or Command Prompt or even a PowerShell command to do this.  I guess the easiest way would be to use Windows Explorer, select a file, copy it (Ctrl+C), then paste it multiple times (Ctrl+V [repeat until your fingers are tired]).

But hey, I’m a geek and I like to script stuff (yes, for fun).  But I’m not stupid so I didn’t create a script from scratch.  Stéphane van Gulick, a PowerShell MVP, has a nice script at http://powershelldistrict.com/create-files/

However, I like to tinker and can’t leave good enough alone so I forked it and added some additional functionality.

I give you… Create-RandomFiles.ps1 with the following changes

  • Added a Progress indicator
  • files are created with different sizes
  • TotalSize defaults to MB
  • added optional name prefix
  • added execution statistics
  • replaced fsutil.exe with New-Object byte[]