Power Automate Multi Level Approval Workflow blog

In this tutorial video, I will show how to build Multi-Step Approvals in Power Automate.
We will build a multi-level / serial approval workflow using the Approvals action & add approvers dynamically based on various use cases (type of data, value greater than, etc.).

We will leverage SharePoint Lists & an approval workflow along with SharePoint column formatting. We will showcase an Approval timeline which will include a progress / status indicator for showcasing the current state of the approval process related to the SharePoint list item + Approval history which includes all details of the approval action (approver name, approval date, time taken to respond, comments), highlight the serial list of approvers, show status of each approver & calculate the time taken for the approval.
We will define our approvers dynamically based on metadata & log the approval history to SharePoint list item (best practice since flow approval history is only available for 28 days).

Scenario in video is an Expense Report application in SharePoint where users log expense details & we have a multi stage / level approval process.

Topics covered:
✔️ Multi Level Approval Workflow using Power Automate
✔️ Dynamic approvers selection for serial approvals
✔️ SharePoint Column Formatting
✔️ Approval Status Indicator

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – SharePoint List Walkthrough
00:58 – Standard Pattern for Multi-Step Approvals
02:47 – Dynamic Multi-Step Approval flow pattern
09:03 – Update multiple approvers and test
10:27 – Add Manager Approval if Expense Amount is greater than $500
13:16- Expense Reporting Dynamic Multi Stage Approval Workflow
17:42 – Subscribe to Reza Dorrani channel