Power Automate Export to Excel blog

In this tutorial, I will show how to add data dynamically to an Excel file using the Add a row into a table action from Excel Online connector.
We will dynamically create a Table, add columns by defining the table range & column names and more.
This Power Automate flow pattern can be applied to any data source or service to fetch the data and then do a for each row on the data and add it to the Excel table.
Lastly, we will send an email and attach the generated Excel file.
We will cover the above with examples using SharePoint, Dataverse and Planner as data source.

Topics covered:
✔️ Export to Excel Power Automate flow pattern
✔️ Dynamically Create Table, Add Columns, Add Rows in Excel
✔️ Send email from flow with Excel file attached

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – Export data from SharePoint to Excel (Generate the Columns of Excel file)
03:20 – Create Excel file in OneDrive
05:13 – Create Table in Excel (Table Range A1 Notation)
06:29 – Add a row into a Table (Excel)
08:05 – Power Automate Send Excel file in Email
09:34 – Dynamically Add Columns & Create Table in Excel
14:44 – Reusable flow pattern for exporting to Excel
14:56 – Export data from Microsoft Dataverse to Excel using Power Automate
15:47 – Export Tasks data from Planner to Excel using Power Automate
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