In this step-by-step tutorial video for beginners, I will show how to build Conditional & Dynamic Approvals in Power Automate.
To create an approval workflow, use the Approvals – Start and wait for an approval action in any Power Automate flow.

Power Automate Conditional Approvals: We will build conditional approval workflows for SharePoint based on a value. Scenario would be to trigger a user Manager Approval first if amount exceeds a certain limit and then route the approval to the next set of approvers.

Power Automate Dynamic Approvers: We will use a “For a selected item” SharePoint trigger-based flow, to call a workflow on demand to perform Approvals. The user will select the approvers needed for the workflow action directly within SharePoint itself.

Power Automate Dynamic Approval Type: We will also provide the user an option to select the Approval Type / Pattern – “First to respond” or “Everyone must Approve”.

Topics covered:
✔️ Conditional Approval in Power Automate
✔️ Dynamic approvers selection by user to trigger the approval process
✔️ Dynamic Approval Type selected by user