Recently I had the pleasure of being invited on "Getting Down to Business" with David Weatherford ( This is a radio program based out of Anchorage, Alaska, but syndicated in Seattle and Spokane, Washington, and focuses on today’s news and current events for business owners in the Pacific North West area.

David invited me on because he has had a great experience using Office 365 for his own private consulting company and wanted someone to be able to give a broad overview of features and benefits to his listeners.

You can listen to my section of the program here:

Getting Down to Business

Although the show is targeted at small and medium business owners, the main benefits of Office 365 as a platform really apply regardless of what type of organization you are:

Office 365 is quick to start up

Once upon a time not long ago, in order to get the full gamut of Microsoft productivity applications, you needed to have server farm(s) specifically dedicated to supporting them. This included not only the procurement of the hardware but also the purchasing of the software, installation, and not to mention configuration of each of the applications to work with one another. With Office 365 you are set up to go within hours and ready to start using with no additional initial setup needed.

Office 365 is scalable

There are two scenarios that scare growing business the most from a technology perspective. The first is that they have a sudden surge in growth and that they are unable to build out their infrastructure fast enough, potentially missing the "wave" instead of riding it. The second is plunking down a huge investment in technology only to have demand falter immediately afterwards. Office 365 addresses both these concerns by offering subscription based licensing which allows you to be scalable in either direction, whether you have 3 employees or 3000.

Office 365 is mobile

With Office 365, you get the best of both worlds with top-of-the-line privacy and security while also the ability to access all of your applications and systems from wherever you are. Whether just logging into your SharePoint site from your home computer or editing a spreadsheet with your iOS device, you get what you want when you need it, without having to login through VPN or a Remote Desktop.