Thanks to everyone in Houston for attending my three presentations yesterday.  I am already envisioning a couple of ideas to pitch for next year’s conference.  (How does Project Management Lessons from Genghis Khan sound to you?)

Here’re a list of references that came up in discussion in the final session on MS Project 2010 changes:


Support Forums:,projectprofessional2010


I’d generally recommend posting to the first forum, and honestly am not entirely sure what the functional difference is between them.  The same volunteers lurk on both though, so you should get almost any question answered in a timely fashion.


The Office 2007 > Office 2010 Menu Conversion Guide (shows you where the new commands are):


..and the book I was waving around:

…which is probably also available on Amazon.


Let me know by comment or e-mail if you have any other open questions from those discussions.  Thanks.