My colleague JC Warner pointed this out to me a while ago and I’ve been meaning to blog on it. The Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool takes Performance Log files and analyzes it against user defined thresholds to produce HTML files with graphs that are easy to distribute. The utility gives a PerfMon template that you can load onto server to capture the statistics that you have identified. It works with a captured data set which is unlike OpsMgr but it may well be useful in organizations – especially those that do not have Operations Manager. This utility can also create a PerfMon template that onto servers to capture the exact statics that you’ve identified (so let’s say you developed a monitoring plan for a specific application server (SQL, etc). Next you can export the template to each of the application servers within the organization rather than having to pick out each of the monitored statics on each server.

This is a pretty cool tool that will take collected performance logs, analyze them against some common thresholds depending on server role, and gives you a report indicating when those thresholds were exceeded as well as graphs: