Open Live Writer is here!

I’m so excited! Windows Live Writer bit the dust quite a long time ago and I’ve been missing it, but Scott Hanselman let us all know about it yesterday, 12/09/2015: I’m interested to see how things go and what kinds of things the community does to it now that it’s open source! Visit…

HTML5 Self-Service Portal Roles and Features PowerShell

Here is a quick one line command to install all the required roles and features for the new Service Manager HTML5 Self-Service Portal.

Remember to launch PowerShell as an administrator before executing this command.

PowerShell Create-RandomFiles.ps1

I was recently taking a training course and the lab guide said “create some files in c:stuff”. Sure, I *could* use Windows Explorer or Command Prompt or even a PowerShell command to do this.  I guess the easiest way would be to use Windows Explorer, select a file, copy it (Ctrl+C), then paste it multiple…