International Women’s Day – Equality in The Workforce

Today is International Women’s Day, a day of celebrating women’s achievements and raising awareness against bias. I have been blessed…
Mar 8, 2020Mindy Russell

How to visualize free disk space available in Azure via Microsoft and 3rd party technologies

One of the most common requests in the world of monitoring is to be alerted before a disk runs out…
Mar 6, 2020Cameron Fuller

Introducing the first of three Microsoft Clouds: M365

Welcome to the “Introducing” series! Today we will do an introduction to the first of three Microsoft Clouds.  The first…
Mar 3, 2020Cameron Fuller

Azure Government – Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Today's Topic: Azure Government Talent: Darryl Hofer, Senior Consultant Data & AI
Feb 28, 2020Catapult Systems

Ron L’Esteve Recognized as Rookie of the Year by

Catapult’s Ron L’Esteve, Managing Consultant for our Data & AI practice, was recognized this month as the Rookie of…
Feb 26, 2020Catapult Systems

Introducing Cloud Computing and On-Prem Computing

Welcome to the “Introducing” series. Today we will do a quick visit comparing traditional on-premises (on-prem) computing with Cloud computing.…
Feb 26, 2020Cameron Fuller

Azure Synapse: Part 2- Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Today’s Topic: Azure Synapse – Part 2 Talent: Edgar Cuellar, Lead Consultant, featuring Seth Werner, Sr. Lead Consultant.
Feb 21, 2020Catapult Systems

Introducing Information Technology organizations

Welcome to the “Introducing” series. Today we will provide a high-level explanation of what Information Technology (IT) does for an…
Feb 19, 2020Cameron Fuller

Azure Synapse: Part 1- Data & AI Happy Hour Chats

Catapult’s Data & AI team launched the Happy Hour Chats series. Today's Topic: Azure Synapse: Part 1.
Feb 14, 2020Catapult Systems

Introducing the Introducing series

Welcome to the “Introducing Series”! Who am I? My name is Cameron Fuller, I have been in IT for nearly…
Feb 11, 2020Cameron Fuller