Currently I’m on a packaging project moving SCCM packages from one SCCM environment to another. One of the packages on the list was the OpsMgr console. Packaging the OpsMgr console really is no big deal, you simply run the following commands for install and uninstall:

Msiexec.exe /I “%~DP0MOM.msi” /qb-! /l*v c:\install\mom_console.log ADDLOCAL=MOMUI ROOT_MANAGMENT_SERVER_DNS=<FQDN of RMS>
Msiexec.exe /X {26D71F0F-82B4-418B-96AC-BB9E54CED283} /qb-! /l*v "c:\Install\MOMConsole_Uninstall.log"
  • /I=Install
  • /X=Uninstall
  • /qb-!=Basic UI with no modal dialog boxes and hide the cancel button
  • /l*v=Verbose log file
(See KB 227091 for other Windows Installer switches)
Here is the tricky part… The binaries for the SCOM console takes up about 320 MB on the disk. I really didn’t want to have a package this size so I started going through the cab files to see what could be removed. On the installation media there are two folders under the Server folder – AMD64 and i386. MOM.msi is located in both the AMD64 and the i386.
In addition, there are the following Cab files in the AMD64 and the i386 folder:
  • OMCore.Cab
  • OMUI.Cab
For the OpsMgr Console, you only need these two Cab files in your package:
  • OMCore.Cab
  • OMUI.Cab
So to package a OpsMgr Console, without having to use up 345 MB on your distribution points, only include MOM.msi, OMCore.Cab and OMUI.Cab in your package. For a x64 package, you would use the binaries from the AMD64 folder; i386 package, use the files from the i386 folder. (Of course you already knew that!) The package size will be ~40 MB in size instead of 345 MB. This will speed up the deployment of the OpsMgr console through SCCM or however you deploy the console!